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The Thing

A classic remake of a classic movie. This movie is so intriguing, and colorful, it is probably THE most watched movie that I own (I drive my friends and family crazy with this movie) I watch it at least once a month. The acting incredible, and the atmosphere is fantastic. The effects (by Rob Bottin) are amazing. My first favorite scene is when Bennings is discovered. If Phantom of the Paradise did not exist, this would probably be my all time favorite movie. Worth repeating, it's a classic.


1982 Directed by John Carpenter

Written by John W. Campbell Jr. & Bill Lancaster


Kurt Russell as MacReady <Kurt has also appeared in Escape From L.A., Escape From N.Y., Stargate, Tombstone, Backdraft, Silkwood, Big Trouble in Little China, and Elvis>

Wilford Brimley as Blair <Wilford has also appeared in The Progeny, Mutant Species, The Firm, Cocoon, Ewoks: The Battle For Endor, Death Valley, and those oatmeal commercials>

T.K. Carter as Nauls <T.K. has also appeared in Space Jam, Rage in Harlem, He's My Girl, and Carpool>

David Clennon as Palmer <David has also appeared in Matinee, Legal Eagles, and Helter Skelter>

Keith David as Childs <Keith has also appeared in They Live, There's Something About Mary, Armegeddon, The Puppet Masters, Road House, and Platoon>

Richard Dysart as Copper <Richard has also appeared in Hard Rain, Back to the Future Part 3, Wall Street, Mask, The People Vs. Jean Harris, Prophecy, and Riding With Death>

Charles Hallahan as Norris Charles has also appeared in The Fan, Cast a Deadly Spell, The Revenge of Al Capone, Twilight Zone...The Movie, and Silkwood>

Peter Maloney as Bennings <Peter has also appeared in The Crucible, Thinner, Manhunter, The Children, The Amityville Horror, and Capone>

Richard Masur as Clark <Richard has also appeared in My Girl 2, Encino Man, My Girl, Stephen King's It, The Burning Bed, Risky Business, Nightmares, and was a semi-regular on "Rhoda" and "One Day at a Time">

Donald Moffat as Gary <Donald has also appeared in Desperado, Monster in the Closet, Licensed to Kill, The Right Stuff, Popeye, and Showdown>

Joel Polis as Fuchs <Joel has also appeared in Dark Angel, Twilight Man, Serial Killer, and My Blue Heaven>

Thomas Waits as Windows <Thomas has also appeared in Moneytrain, Shakedown, and The Warriors>

Most facts gotten at Internet Movie Data Base


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