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Escape From NY&LA

Another favorite from my youth. Snake Plissken is absolutely one of my most favorite movie characters ever created. I also loved the sequel and was so excited I went opening day (the only other time I went to a movie on opening day was to see Army of Darkness). Although this is not considered a horror movie, I love everything about it. John Carpenter has always been an amazing director, and Adrienne Barbeau is my all time favorite actress. The only thing I didn't care for in the sequel was that I thought that Cuervo didn't seem as powerful and threatening as Isaac Hayes (more commonly known nowadays as Chef on South Park). Other than that, I love NY more, but I think LA really satisfied me as great sequel. I know LA got a lot of bad rap, but I could care less, it made me happy!


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I do love all four, however, my favorite has to be part one. They are all different viewing experiences for me. The first one is the more tense, slow moving masterpiece. The second one is action packed and lots of fun. The third one is very dark and somewhat depressing and very metaphorical. And the fourth one takes a lot of the best traits of all previous three. I honestly think that if Sigourney Weaver had not appeared in any of the sequels I would not have enjoyed them as much.


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Another great classic. Cannabilistic Humanoid Underground Dwellars. These things are great! John Heard stars in it as well as Daniel Stern and John Goodman makes a cute appearance at the end of the movie!


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