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Fiend (she lives with my mother and brother):

Looking at herself as usual! She is very vain!

Stubby (my husband's baby!):


Tom Savini signed this pic

The cat I got, and NAMED Savini , but as is explained under the pic below, my husband does not usually call him by the name Savini.

This action earned Savini the dreaded nickname of "Fifi" by my husband. These are both male cats.

Sleeping with Stubby.

About to yawn!


Sydney with his sister Sigourney.



Alright everyone, now smell the camera!!:

Other Pets:

This was my iguana Spike, don't know why he was sitting up like that!

This was one of my cats, Brisco County Kitty, and one wierd picture!!

These were two of the thirteen snakes my ex-husband and I owned. The one on the left was the only one that was actually mine, and his name was Ashley, and sadly, he died a little while ago. The one on the right is Leibchen, an albino king. She was really pink!!

This was my friend Kirk's dog, Bink. We call this the Taco bell picture, because Bink was actually a very large dog (right)! Sadly, Bink passed away a short time ago.

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