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Horror Movie Sites


Wonderful site! So informative and well put together, run by a couple of great horror chicks.


Name says it all. Fantastic new Zombie Site!


Cool site! Lots of great movies!!


The biggest and best horror site I have seen on the net. Includes every aspect of horror. You must go here!!!


This site is so cool! There is so much to do here, it's really neat.


Takes you to The Terror Trap. Fantastic site for some obscure horror movies that I love. One of my favorite sites now, and I just recently found it!


Takes you to a great page with a lot of images from horror movies!


Lots of great obscure horror movies featured here.


Awesome horror page from a "regular grandma"!


Great page with a HUGE links section and wonderful movie pages!


The title says it all!


Lots of pics from tons of movies.


The official web site of Stephen King.