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My best friend growing up, Mary, Halloween 1992. On the right is her more recently.
Link to her site:

Another close friend growing up, Sarah; on the left I think it was the last day
of school our senior year!

Kelli, who I had so many fun times with, and have lost contact with and have
been trying to find for years. WellI finally found her on, but
I have to join first to get her email address!!!

Christa, another friend I had a lot of fun times with and it's the same
deal as Kelli, gotta join Classmates, dammitt!!

Cheryl, my mom's best friend and me when I was REAL young!

Stephanie, who I met at a convention and is a great person!

Stephen working in the studio on the left, and on the right holding a cute and interesting dog-like creature.

On the left is Steve and the two pics on the right are Ray, from when they were 99cent Special,
a legendary Syracuse band, the link to the site (from which the first two pics are
snagged from) is below:

On the left is a group photo of a little 99 reunion (Ray, Nathan, Smudgeface,
Steve and Bill), on the right is Bill and Ray.

Bill, but doesn't he look just like Mike Nelson from MST3K?!? On the right is when he had
hair and was getting ready for a 99 show.

Monster, performing in my husband's band.

Actually, my punk friend Shawn (in the "backseat") made me do this. I was not nearly
as enthusiastic about it as he obviously was!

This is me kissing my husband on the cheek, while our friend Russell takes the other side!

This is Clayton AKA SINdy Crucifix formerly of Zadoc and
now concentrating solely on his band Children of Apathy, link below:

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