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The movies on this page are also favorites of mine, I may someday do whole pages on them as well. Because of the fact that there is not as much info on movies on this page, I did provide links for each movie

Terror In the Aisles

This movie is what I consider the best horror movie documentary ever made. It is fun to watch and filled with the best of horror movies. It is hosted by Donald Pleasance and Nancy Allen and features such movies as Halloween, When a Stranger Calls, Alone in the Dark, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and tons of other greats. I still love to watch it, and it is perfect to show somebody with a new interest in horror films.


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I love all of the Jaws movies! Even the third one! Actually I'll watch any shark/whale/sea monster movie. See my biggest fear is water and the things in it. This is actually an intensely severe fear of mine to the point with even watching the silliest looking water creatures will give me chest pains! Well since I love being scared I put myself through the torture of any sea beast monster movie I can get my hands on (the remake of Moby Dick last year nearly did me in for good!) But getting back to Jaws the first one is a masterpiece with wonderful actors and an intriguing script. The second one is saved by Roy Scheider making a second appearance and the shark. I really didn't care for all the teenagers in it though. The third one was my favorite as a child before I got to appreciate the fine acting of the first one. I am not saying that the actors are terrible in the third one it's just that the first one bored me more when I was little! Now I love to watch the whole thing. I also really like the fourth one.


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Very graphic movies My favorite is part two This font called cenobyte that I am using was created by Chad Savage and you can find a link to him on my links page


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