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A very nostalgiac movie for me and my mother! We loved it when it came out, and we still do! The effects are great and there are some pretty scary scenes. This was the first I heard of Dario Argento, and began to watch anything with his name on it! I also loved Creepers. The soundtracks for Demons and Demons 2 are great!! Demons 2 is pretty much the same(including a lot of the cast members in surprising roles!!), but in a different setting, though I like the first one a little bit more!!


1985 Directed by Lamberto Bava

Written by Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava


Urbano Barberini as George <Urbano has also appeared in The Eighteenth Angel, Moses, Diamond Swords, Outlaw of Gor, Gor, and Otello>

Natasha Hovey as Sharel <Natasha has also appeared in Mamma per caso and Domani>

Karl Zinny as Ken <Karl has also appeared in Don Bosco and the Final Executioner>

Fiore Argento as Hanna <Fiore has also appeared in Creepers>

Paola Cozzo as Kate <Paola has also appeared in The Great Fire and Demonia>

Fabiola Toledo as Carmen <Fabiola has also appeared in Caligula 2>

Nicoletta Elmi as Ingrid (usherette) <Nicoletta has also appeared in Suspiria 2, Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, and Baron Blood; there is a great article on her in Fangoria a few issues back>

Nicole Tessier as Ruth <Nicole has also appeared in Giants of Rome>

Bobby Rhodes as Tony <Bobby has also appeared in Tre, Necromonio, Mountain of Diamonds, Detective Malone, Teresa, and Demons 2; the first one he's a pimp, the second he's a fitness instructor!!>

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