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What I consider the best werewolf movie of all time. I didn't care for Paris too much, although the transformation scenes were okay, which is funny, because I think the London transformation scenes were a lot more amazing and realistic looking! Although there are comical moments in London, this is a very dark movie, with tragedy written all over it starting with the first fifteen minutes. The actors are enchanting and the scenery is breathtaking. The best scenes are the Piccadily Circus scene and the subway. This is definitely a four star movie.


*DVD Review*

The DVD is incredible! Brilliant transfer and great extras. Definetely worth it. Extras include a blooper reel, commentary by David Naughton and Griffin Dunne, production notes, trailers, making of. and tons more.

Overall DVD Rating: **** (out of 4)

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(Most facts were found at the Internet Movie Data Base , the best place for info on virtually every movie ever made!)

Made In: 1981


David Kessler played by David Naughton *David has also appeared in Ice cream Man, Amityville:A New Generation, the neighbor in My Sister Sam, and Body Bags*

Jack Goodman played by Griffin Dunne *also appeared in Quiz Show and My Girl*

Alex Price played by Jenny Agutter *also appeared in Child's Play 2*

Dr. Hirsch played by John Woodvine *also from Deceptions*

Mr. Collins played by Frank Oz (yes, THAT Frank Oz.) *also appeared in Trading Places and any Muppet related thing you can think of!!*

Directed By:

John Landis, whose credits also include Trading Places, Twilight Zone...The Movie, and Michael Jackson's Thriller, among a long list of other things he directed, acted in, produced, wrote, etc.


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House of Horrors is probably the best place to go for info on horror movies period. This place is so informative and graphic filled. There is also a wonderful place to order from through here called Blackest Heart Media. Please check it out entirely...but you'll be there for a while, there is just so much neat stuff to check out!

This is a site that has a link to an actual fan page devoted to David Naughton, the star of American Werewolf. The reason I didn't just link directly to the David Naughton site is because this is an interesting site devoted to fan pages, a lot that are hard to find.

Actually, this site is a fan site devoted to Paris, but it's pretty good!

Click on the pic below to see and use the set I created for An American Werewolf in London! All the sets I made are for your own personal use...enjoy!