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Dawn of the Dead

This is actually a very fun zombie movie for me! What I mean by that is if I had one zombie fantasy, it would be this one. I love the fact of living in the mall (who doesn't?) and having access to everything. The only character I really don't care for in this movie is Stephen. But, I love all of the actors, and the whole atmosphere. I can't say for sure if I saw this movie before Day, but I actually don't remember seeing it until after Day. Oh well, I still love to watch it, and the Tom Savini parts are the best!


Directed and written by George A. Romero in 1978.

Also known as: Dawn of the Living Dead, Zombi, and Zombi: Dawn of the Dead.


David Emgee as Stephen <also appeared in Hellmaster and Basket Case 2>

Ken Foree as Peter <also appeared in Leatherface:Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, The Dentist, Sleepstalker, Death Spa, Phantom of the Mall, From Beyond, and Knightriders>

Scott Reineger as Roger <also appeared in Knightriders>

Gaylen Ross as Fran <also appeared in Creepshow and Madman (I knew that was her!!!>

Tom Savini as Biker <also appeared in Wishmaster, From Dusk Til Dawn, Creepshow, Creepshow 2, and Knightriders, as well as the numerous other things he's done for movies!!>

Most facts found at The Internet Movie Data Base


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